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Robustly protected by a new, highly shock-resistant structure, this first MT-G to offer Smartphone Link as well as Multiband 6, solar-powered timekeeping achieves innovative downsizing at the same time. 


Carbon-fibre Reinforced Resin Case

The case is constructed from carbon-fibre reinforced resin, which realises higher rigidity than conventional resin while maintaining its lightweight properties.

Band Structure

Fine-resin parts are firmly fixed by screws to the base of the thick, soft urethane band, which is then securely attached to the case by metal parts and large bolts. This unique, newly developed tough structure reinforces the band connection section, where metal and resin intersect. [Compatible model: MTG-B1000/ B1000B]

Premium Metal Finishing

Sallaz polishing, said to be the ultimate polishing technology, produces exceptionally smooth mirror-finished surfaces on sloping parts of metal products. Other processing techniques such as hairline, knurling (crown) and honing (screw shafts) processing are also included in the thoroughly detailed finishing conducted by the skilled hands of craftsmen.

Dual Dial World Time

The times in two different cities are displayed on the main dial and an inset dial. This enables at-a-glance checking of the current time in either location with no troublesome operation.

Triple G Resist

The tough structure is built to withstand three kinds of gravitational acceleration: external shocks, centrifugal gravity and vibrations. *Image shows MTG-S1000.

Five-motor Drive

Nimble operation is achieved by driving each hand independently. A small hand at 6 o'clock is driven by a dual-coil motor that presents unique hand movements.