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Vivid MT-G Evoking Volcanic Lightning

A special limited-edition MT-G, ''Metal-Twisted G-SHOCK''.

A kaleidoscopic range of hues are created using an array of colour application techniques—multicolour IP applied to the metal bezel and parts, a colour separation effect on the inset dial ring and index composing the dial, and a red translucent band. Expressed here is the breath-taking beauty and power of a rare atmospheric phenomenon known as volcanic lightning.

The latest MTG-B1000VL boasts a striking multi-coloured design that represents volcanic lightning*. The frightening yet beautiful blue, purple, and gold colours of lightning caused by volcanic eruption are represented by the rainbow ion-plated (IP) bezel and a multicoloured dial.

The rainbow-coloured bezel finished with ion plating is overlaid with the image of the rare atmospheric phenomenon of volcanic lightning, which produces subtle differences in colouring that allow each wearer to enjoy their own unique glow.

*Lightning caused by volcanic eruptions is generated by the triboelectricity of water vapour, volcanic ash, volcanic rock, and other materials erupting from a volcano. The specific mechanism at work is unknown because it occurs in such a unique environment and is difficult to study.

Product Line-Up


* The rainbow colours are subtly different on every watch.

Design & Technology

MTG-B1000VL Multicolour IP Bezel

Rainbow Ion-Plated (IP) Bezel

Each piece features subtly different colour gradations to express the awe-inspiring wonder and beauty of nature.
External metal parts are finished with IP in four colour variations:
1) rainbow for the bezel
2) red for the band piece
3) rose gold for the screws, buckles and strap keeper
4) black for the buttons and crown
MTG-B1000VL Multicoloured Dial

Multicoloured Dial

A red, blue and white colour scheme for the hour, minute and second hands sets them off against the black of the dial and gold hue of the index. A rainbow vapour deposition finish colours the inset dial ring with blue-to-violet gradations.
MTG-B1000VL Red Translucent Band

MTG-B1000VL Red Translucent Band

The band in soft red translucent urethane material expresses the intense heat of molten volcanic lava in vivid colour. Fine resin gives the band connection a look of transparency.
*Overlaying plates of armour bound together with navy blue string.
MT-G Core Guard Structure

Core Guard Structure

A box-shaped frame formed by the bezel, case back and band connection pieces surround the inner case made with carbon fiber reinforced resin to protect the module.
*Image shows MTG-B1000-1A.
MT-G Sapphire Crystal with Non-Refective Coating

Sapphire Crystal with Non-Refective Coating

A non-reflective coating is applied to the highly transparent, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal to ensure clarity and visibility.
MT-G Super Illuminator (High-Brightness LED Light)

Super Illuminator (High-Brightness LED Light)

The Super Illuminator function lights up the watch face with high-intensity light, to ensure readability in the dark.
*Image shows MTG-B1000RB-2A.

The base model for the watch is the MTG-B1000, which delivered toughness in a compact case by employing a Core Guard Structure that links the bezel and back cover with planar parts. The MTG-B1000VL offers a special combination of advanced features like smartphone connectivity and solar-powered radio control with inventive design.

MTG-B1000VL adopted the same treatment as the MT-G Lunar Rainbow announced at Baselworld 2019 but with a different colour scheme.