G-SHOCK to launch The Limited Edition Savage Five Series | G-SHOCK Watches Singapore

G-SHOCK to launch The Limited Edition Savage Five Series

Designed by Singapore's Leading Pop Artist, Jahan Loh

The Savage Five Series features a reinterpretation of the Five Tiger Generals from the popular Chinese Literature, Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

Product Line-Up

​The collection consists of five different watches each with its own distinctive look and representation of one military general. Each watch is also ​acquainted with the five elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water, and the five virtues of Confucianism, righteousness, faith, wisdom, benevolence and propriety.

The cyan GA-110SGG-3A represents military general Guan Yu and wood, which symbolises righteousness. The bright red GA-110SGH-1A represents Huang Zhong and the element of fire that encapsulates faith. Ma Chao and metal – which symbolises wisdom – are embodied by a black and gold GW-B5600. Another identical model dressed in white pays homage to Zhao Yun and the earth element that symbolises benevolence. Rounding off the series is a solid blue GX-56, emblematic of Zhang Fei and water that embodies propriety.