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The Essentials: Street Utility Collection

Lit yet functional.

Up your street style with the latest utilitarian colourways G-SHOCK. It blurs the lines between street style and ruggedness as your everyday timepieces, be it for workwear or play!

The collection features three base model - DW-5610, GA-2000 and GA-2100.

Street Utility DW-5610

DW-5610 boasts a unique colour combination that creates a multi-tone watch with the newly developed layered bezel structure. This new structure uses a two-part molding process which creates a top and base that enhance the strength and toughness of the watch.

DW-5610SUS-5DR comes with a replaceable band.

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Street Utility GA-2100

Base on the GAMECHANGER GA-2100 featuring an octagonal-shaped dial and carbon core guard structure that comes in three colours – black, mustard yellow and army green. This watch also features the new layered bezel structure with the camouflage pattern printed on GA-2100SU bezel.

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Street Utility GA-2000

The Carbon Core Guard GA-2000 features two new colourways – black and dusty blue accompanied by green and blue camouflage dials respectively. A carbon core guard structure, the key feature of GA-2000 provides greater shock resistance to the module by enclosing it in a carbon case.

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