Fresh and Exciting Line-Ups this September/October | G-SHOCK Watches Singapore

Fresh and Exciting Line-Ups this September/October

Too good to look away, our latest drops with designs from camo patterns to transparent bands and the liquid metallic bezels. Be sure to check ‘em out at G-SHOCK stores soon.

1. Volcanic Lightning MT-G

A special limited-edition in the MT-G, “Metal-Twisted G-SHOCK”.
A kaleidoscopic range of hues are created using an array of colour application techniques— multicolour IP applied to the metal bezel and parts, a colour separation effect on the inset dial ring and index composing the dial, and a red translucent band. Expressed here is the breath-taking beauty and power of a rare atmospheric phenomenon known as volcanic lightning. Featuring a new CMF design, the model integrates the textural feel of hard metal with an inventive colour scheme.

2. Blue IP Camo GMW

- Coming Soon -

A new variation added to the popular GMW series, a watch that inherits plenty of DNA of the OG G-SHOCK, DW-5000C. GMW-B5000TCF comes with a Blue ion-plating (IP) finished and laser process camouflage pattern. The bands and bezels made of the premium material, titanium, providing an ideal wrist comfort for users.

3. Skeleton Camouflage Series

- Coming Soon -

Level up your game with our latest Skeleton Camouflage Series! Based on the latest Metal Covered Series – GM-5600, GM-6900 and GM-110, the watch comes with the popular semi-transparent band and camouflage pattern.

4. GM-S5600

- Coming Soon -

G-SHOCK unveils the all-new metal-covered series for women, featuring an iconic silhouette and strength of the original 5600 series. The design marries elegance with casualness, with the newly introduced eye-catching, liquid metallic textured bezels.


- Coming Soon -

The G-SQUAD lineup of sports watches in a more compact design without sacrificing the quintessential of G-SHOCK performance. These new colours are the perfect choice for daily wear and sports scenes.