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Evolution back to The Origin: GMW-B5000 Full Metal Series


The first G-SHOCK model DW-5000C was born in 1983.
Its symbolic square design is reinvented with a full-metal shock-resistant structure and the latest advanced functions, including Smartphone Link.

Avid watch collector Dr Julian Ong who counts many limited editions in his raft of watches still thinks the G-SHOCK is cool yet utilitarian, and counts the full metal GMWs amongst his favourites. Why so? Find out in the video.

Product Lineup

Toughness in Metal

Achieving G-SHOCK's unique shock resistance capabilities in full metal required a complete redesign of the external structure, including the case, band and buttons.

Full-metal shock-resistant structureFull-metal shock-resistant structure
Fine-resin cushioning material is inserted between the stainless-steel case and bezel, and the module is enclosed in a protective shell. A shock-resistant structure with a metal exterior is realised while maintaining the form of the first G-SHOCK model.
Band structureBand structure
The band connection sections employ a three-pronged structure to distribute the impact from shocks to the connection piping. 
Button structureButton structure
The specially developed button structure combines large cylindrical forged buttons with internal pipes that guard the vulnerable button shafts from the inside against lateral shocks.

DLC-coated screw backDLC-coated screw back
The highly airtight screw back is adapted from the first G-SHOCK’s back. DLC (diamond-like carbon) treatment is applied to enhance its wear resistance.

Our commitment to quality

The use of metal requires the most advanced processing technologies to reproduce the design of the first G-SHOCK model.

Bezel caseBezel case
After sculpting the form through repeated forging, cutting and polishing, artisans apply mirror polishing and hairline finishing to the surfaces in pursuit of flawless beauty. The case back surface is finely machined to remove any unevenness and assure an accurate fit with the cushioning parts.
Metal bandMetal band
The design of the first model’s resin band is reproduced by applying dimple-processing to the stainless-steel band pieces. Each piece is alternately pressed and polished in an unstinting effort to assure beautiful finishing that extends to the bottoms of the dimples.
Original Square DesignOriginal Square Design
The designs of the logo, function display, digital LCD and other features are modelled on those that embellished the dial of the first G-SHOCK DW-5000C.

Ongoing Internal Evaluation

One pioneering functional innovation after another. The new GMW-B5000 introduces enhanced visibility of the dial, tough solar power, standard time radio wave reception and Bluetooth connectivity.

LSI layoutLSI layout
The mounting position of the standard time radio wave antenna is calculated to ensure stable radio reception sensitivity inside a full-metal case. In this and other ways, the highly precise LSI design has solved the problems associated with a metal exterior and multi-functionality.
2way (Bluetooth®/Radio-controlled) module2way (Bluetooth®/Radio-controlled) module
The standard time radio wave and Bluetooth® communications antenna are placed in the vicinity of the LCD window or button shafts to avoid any influence of the full-metal structure on reception sensitivity.
Display aspectDisplay aspect
Legacy of the universal ratio. The LCD’s approximately 16:10 aspect ratio approaches the angle of human vision. Adopted in pursuit of clear visibility, this ratio has been handed down from one model to another since the origin to benefit from its closeness to the Golden Ratio, which is considered to represent the most beautiful proportions in nature.

Super Illuminator (High-brightness LED backlight)Super Illuminator (High-brightness LED backlight)
Super Illuminator senses ambient light and lights up automatically with just a tilt of the wrist in lowlight environments. A Fade-in/Fade-out function is installed for brightness control.

Product Lineup