Don’t miss out on our limited edition launches this November | G-SHOCK Watches Singapore

Don’t miss out on our limited edition launches this November

Go head-over-heels with our limited edition models from the high-end Shougeki Maru MR-G to the colourful Borneo Rainbow Toad Frogman and finally the robust aviation-minded Gravitymaster.

1. MR-G Shougeki-Maru

Shougeki-Maru MRG-B2000SH

Taking inspiration from a KABUTO (helmet) specially created for the MR-G series, the MRG-B2000SH evokes the noble spirit and aesthetic sensibility of a samurai commander. Representing the helmet’s maedate (crest), each bezel features the image of a dragon hand carved by a metalsmith highly skilled in the technique of chasing. The case and band, cast with specially produced metal die, simulate the rugged look of rusted steel, with finishes of brown and blue aged IP for a time-worn appearance.

The watch will be launching at G-SHOCK ION and MBS on 15 November 2020.

2. Borneo Rainbow Toad Frogman

Borneo Rainbow Toad Frogman, GWF-A100BRT

Revealing the latest Frogman GWF-A1000, that features the coloring of the Borneo Rainbow Toad. It comes with a stainless steel bezel etched to recreate depressions and is finished with rainbow ion plating (IP) to create the look and feel of an amphibian. Each model has a rainbow IP that creates a different and unique coloring, which represents the rarity for the rainbow toad.

The watch will be release for sale on 18 November 2020 at all G-SHOCK Stores and Online.

3. G-SHOCK x Royal Air Force

Gravitymaster, GR-B200RAF

G-SHOCK has teamed up with Royal Air Force to launch the latest GRAVITYMASTER with carbon core guard structure. This marks the second timepiece released as part of G-SHOCK’s partnership with British Armed Forces.

The watch will be launching on 15 November 2020 at all G-SHOCK stores and Online.