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New G-SQUAD in Unisex Sizes for Improved Wrist-Fit

A new compact digital G-SQUAD, GMD-B800SC, made for sports and fitness. The new GMD-B800SC is a smaller version of the GBD-800, which is popular for its useful features for daily fitness and workouts comes with a variety of vividly coloured designs. The downsized case width of the new watch offers an improved wrist-fit and makes it easy to wear not only for women with a taste for the G-SHOCK “menswear” style but also for those who favour compactness.

Comes in two colour schemes inspired by sportswear and shoes. The black model, with a touch of vivid neon pink for the indicator on the dial and the case back protector, while the model with a black case and a vivid neon yellow band delivers a style that goes well with sportswear.

Product Line-Up

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Design & Technology

Compact Design

Compact Design

With a small case and shorter band length, this series achieves the same tough design in a compact size without compromising on G-SHOCK performance.
GMD-B800SC Back Protector

Back Protector

Protector added to the back of the case. Design accented with visual effects created with colour blocking and contrasting materials.

GMD-B800SC Measurement Functions

Measurement Functions

Equipped with an accelerometer, this watch automatically tracks step count as soon as the wearer starts walking. Also features a countdown timer with interval measurement and stopwatch with lap time memory.
GMD-B800SC Super Illuminator

Super Illuminator

The Super Illuminator function lights up the LCD with high-intensity light, to ensure readability in the dark.