The next generation of MUDMASTER, GG-B100 from Master of G collection, designed for harsh land environments, features an all-new Carbon Core Guard structure that employs carbon-fibre reinforced materials in the case. With the new dust- and mud-resistant structure employs a filter inserted between the case and buttons to keep dirt out, ensuring a good seal without using metal button pipes.

Product Line-Up

Design & Technology

Mudmaster Carbon Core Guard Structure

Carbon Core Guard Structure

A new shock-resistant carbon core guard structure integrates the case. An external structure capitalises on its toughness and lightness.
Mudmaster Dual-layered Case Back

Dual-layered Case Back

Features a stainless-steel panel back that keeps the watch airtight, as well as a fine resin glass fibre case back that makes it tough against shocks. This design is inspired from the petrol tanks carried on offroad vehicles often used on rough roads.
Mudmaster Carbon Sheet inserted Bezel

Carbon Sheet inserted Bezel

GG-B100 features a triple-layered structure with carbon fibre sheet inserted into fine resin. The uppermost layer of the fine resin has been made transparent to show the carbon materials.

Mudmaster Mud-resistant Structure

Mud-resistant Structure

By using hard materials in the case, the design of the watch prevents damage and deformation from shocks and other sources, and achieves a high level of airtightness without the use of metal parts. In addition, the watch contains a filter that avoids the intrusion of dirt, allowing it to exhibit strong mud resistance in harsh environments.
Mudmaster Quad Sensor

Quad Sensor

The watch is equipped with quad sensors for compass bearing, barometric pressure/altitude, temperature, and an accelerometer for counting steps. This supports professional rangers in understanding changes in the natural environment and recording a history of their activities.
Mudmaster Super Illuminator

Super Illuminator

The LED illuminates the dial to ensure visibility in the dark.