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MR-G GASSAN inspired by Japanese swords

A limited-edition with only 300 pieces available worldwide.
Launching on 9 August at G-SHOCK MBS boutique.

The NEW MRG-G2000GA takes its inspiration from the traditional Japanese sword — known for bringing together the timeless strength and aesthetic sensibilities of Japan. It is hand-finished by a master craftsman in the world-renowned Gassan tradition of Japanese swordsmiths. The watch incorporates design elements inspired by Japanese swords — from the 鑢目 yasuri-me (rasp marks) on the nakago (tang) to the crystal formation of the hamon (temper line) and the kissaki (blade tip).

The pattern is applied by hand to each link by Sadanobu Gassan, who is in line to succeed the 800-year-old Gassan tradition. The second link in the band is also inscribed with the kanji character 鍛, from the saying 鍛刀一筋“Tan-tou-hito-suji” (Devotion to the forging of swords) that is espoused by the Gassan tradition.

The finish of the MRG-G2000GA reflects fine attention to the smallest details. The case is made from recrystallised titanium, the sparkling appearance of which evokes the crystal formation of the temper line on the blade of Japanese swords. An Arc Ion Plating (AIP®)*1 treatment is then applied in the Koki-Murasaki (deep purple) that is traditionally associated with nobility in Japan. The bezel is made from COBARION®*2 and bevelled in a manner inspired by the blade tip of a Japanese sword.

Born in Nara Prefecture in 1979, to famous Gassan family of swordsmiths. Sadanobu Gassan was exposed to the world of swordmaking from a young age. In 1998, he began training with his father, Sadatoshi Gassan. In 2006, he was recognized as a swordsmith by the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs. Since that time, he has continued to challenge himself in new areas of craftsmanship that carry forth the traditions of the past and has won numerous prizes and accolades in various competitions. As the sixth in the Gassan line from Osaka, he carries the burden of the next generation of Japanese swords. Sadanobu Gassan currently serves as a director for the All Japan Swordsmith Association.