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G-SHOCK MR-G Inspired by the symbolic hue, Kachi-iro

Launching at Marina Bay Sands and ION Stores on 10 Mar 2021

Introducing the latest MR-G collection, Kachi-iro, known as deep indigo in Japan is extensively used on Samurai armour and helmets. It is also the symbolic hue for victory in Japan, which embodies the spirit of the unrelenting Samurai warrior.

Product Line-Up

The collection comes in 3 different designs based on 2 models – MRG-B2000 and MRG-B1000. The MRG-B2000R features a durable fluorine rubber band with a distinctive pattern resembling the one on the Bishamon (god of war or warriors) armour, which is a symbol of strength in Japan since ancient times. It also includes a heat-treated titanium bezel which reveals a unique crystallised finish on its surface, resembling the Nie (visible particles of hardened steel crystals) on the hamon* of Japanese sword blades.

Meanwhile, the MRG-B2000B comes with a metal band and features a typical Japanese family crest pattern on the surface of the dial and the outer periphery. Kachi-iro is also used on the inner surface of the bezel, inset dials, and logo.

Finally, the MRG-B1000BA model is a compact timepiece with a diamond-like carbon (DLC) finish. The inside of the bezel, the inset dial, and the logo are accented with Kachi-iro. In terms of functions, both the MRG-B2000 and MRG-B1000 feature auto time signal reception which gives you easier time adjustment and smartphone link by Bluetooth® that connects to the dedicated MR-G Connected mobile application.