June: Break the limits with our latest drops | G-SHOCK Watches Singapore

June: Break the limits with our latest drops

Level up with our LATEST DROPS this June! Refresh look for the highly demanded full-metal GMW, limited editions model specially designed by young Chinese Artist, Hua Tunan and many more. So, scroll down to check out the exciting new releases and the drop dates.

1. Neo Grid GMW

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The GMW-B5000 has the iconic square design and shock resistance of the original G-SHOCK (DW-5000C), but with a metal exterior achieved through cutting-edge technology. This model features a laser-etched grid design that expresses its legacy of genuine strength, transcendent of time.

2. Formless Tai-chi

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The flow of time, change, and concept of the universe.

Specially designed by Chen YingJie, a Chinese artist who creates works that incorporate Eastern ink painting and Western street art. The MT-G model has a back engraving of the Tai chi concept design, while the G-STEEL model is engraved with the signature of Chen YingJie.

3. G-LIDE GBX-100

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The latest version on G-LIDE has a memory-in-pixel LCD offering a high-resolution display of tide graphs and moon data. It also includes tidal information of more than 3,300 surf locations.

4. Digital Camo

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Designed with a digital camouflage pattern on metallic faces and is highlighted with fluorescent yellow accent that gives off a sporty look.