Set your sights on our latest collections this July | G-SHOCK Watches Singapore

Set your sights on our latest collections this July

Summer essentials! The first Frogman with an analog display - perfect for the diving season! If you are looking for something bold, go for fun and lively colors with our Vibrant See-Thru Color & Music Festival Day & Night Series! Find out more below. Happy shopping!

1. Frogman – GWF-A1000

- Drops on 10 July -

A carbon monocoque case with high strength and low absorbency has been employed to deliver the first FROGMAN featuring an analogue display. It has exceptional shock resistance and water resistance that enables the watch to stand up to the rigorous demands of undersea divers.

2. Vibrant See-Thru Color

- Drops on 10 July -

Adding pops of color to your summer. The latest G-SHOCK models are made with popular semi-transparent materials with fluorescent colors that are just the thing for summertime wear. It comes in 2 models. The traditional square face DW-5600 has a metallic face and GA-110 which uses fluorescent color accents for the face and hands to show off an edgy cool vibe.

3. Music Festival Day & Night

- Drops on 10 July -

Designed to fit right into summer outdoor activities, DW-5900 is designed with night-time neon coloring showcasing a playful spirit.