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Material Evolution of G-SHOCK

A third material is born from the pursuit of absolute strength

G-Shock began its life with watches housed in resin. Over time, it added models with metal cases using materials like stainless steel and titanium. Now, the third wave of material is carbon and 2019 is the year of the Carbon G-Shock.

While there are previous models featuring carbon fibre reinforced inner cases (like the MTG-B1000) and carbon fiber bezels (like the GST-B100X), the Carbon G-Shock of 2019 refers to the new Carbon Core Guard, an innovative new case design reinforced by carbon fibre that protects the module and allows for a lighter weight, higher strength than resin alone, smaller diameters, and shock-resistant buttons without guards.


Resin for strength and lightness.
Metal for strength and beauty.
The third material merges the lightness of resin with strength surpassing metal to revolutionize shock resistance.