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Limited Edition: Metal Camouflage GMW-B5000TCM-1


GMW-B5000TCM-1 PackagingGMW-B5000TCM-1 Packaging

A square case with a full-metal shock-resistant structure.

The first G-SHOCK model DW-5000C was born in 1983. Its symbolic square design is reinvented with a full-metal shock-resistant structure and the latest advanced functions, including Smartphone Link.

The GMW-B5000TCM-1 model is based on the GMW-B5000TB with titanium case, bezel, band, and back, resulting in a 57-gram reduction in weight to only 110 grams. After a diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating is applied to the case and band, the watch is laser engraved with a distinctive camouflage pattern. The glass is made from scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, to which a non-reflective coating is applied, for enhanced readability, making it easier to tell the time.

On the tech side, both watches have Bluetooth connectivity to connect to your phone to the G-SHOCK Connected app. Here, you will be able to quickly change time zones, set alarms, and activate other features of the watch, without learning the button sequences needed to do so on the watch itself. The watch Tough Solar energy system is used to ensure there’s no need to charge a battery, and it takes power from sunlight and many types of indoor lights too.

GMW-B5000TCM-1 is retailing at S$2,299.

Special Features

Hand etched Laser Camo Print
Each case band needs to be set by hand for the laser processing to create the camouflage pattern. A dedicated production line has to be specially put in place for our Camouflage Pattern Series.
DLC Coating and Sapphire Crystal
Diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating is applied to the metal components for superior wear resistance. The glass is made from scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, to which a non-reflective coating is applied, and the display uses an STN-LCD that offers superior viewing angles for enhanced readability, making it easier to tell the time.
Lighter than its predecessor
With titanium lighter than steel, GMW-B5000TCM-1DR is 57 grams lighter than its steel predecessor, the GMW-B5000D.

Toughness in Metal

Full-metal shock-resistant structure
Fine-resin cushioning material is inserted between the stainless-steel case and bezel, and the module is enclosed in a protective shell. A shock-resistant structure with a metal exterior is realised while maintaining the form of the first G-SHOCK model.
Band Structure
The band connection sections employ a three-pronged structure to distribute the impact from shocks to the connection piping. Dimple-processing is conducted on the metal band links, moreover, and the resin band design of the first model is reproduced.
Button Structure
The specially developed button structure combines large cylindrical forged buttons with internal pipes that guard the vulnerable button shafts from the inside against lateral shocks.

DLC-coated Screw Back
The highly airtight screw back is adapted from the first G-SHOCK’s back. DLC treatment is applied to enhance its wear resistance.

Our commitment to quality

Bezel Case
After sculpting the form through repeated forging, cutting and polishing, artisans apply mirror polishing and hairline finishing to the surfaces in pursuit of flawless beauty. The case back surface is finely machined to remove any unevenness and assure an accurate fit with the cushioning parts.
Metal Band
The design of the first model’s resin band is reproduced by applying dimple-processing to the stainless-steel band pieces. Each piece is alternately pressed and polished in an unstinting effort to assure beautiful finishing that extends to the bottoms of the dimples.
Original Square Design
The designs of the logo, function display, digital LCD and other features are modelled on those that embellished the dial of the first G-SHOCK DW-5000C.

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