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G-SHOCK GM-110, The Latest Metal Covered Collection

Featuring Forged Metal Bezel, Inspired by GA-110 Series

Announcing the latest addition to the G-SHOCK brand of shock-resistant watches, the GM-110. With a design inspired by the GA-110 series, one of our Top 3 selling models, the new GM-110 features a metal bezel and will be available in four colors. This time, G-SHOCK has once again collaborated with Jahan Loh to create a new video, “Intergalactic Dreams”, a sequel to the first video, “There is No Planet B”.

In the video, it shows the spaceship encountering rainbow turbulence upon entering the atmosphere when travelling into a new planet. The spaceman decides to use this jetpack to escape the turbulence and he safely landed on the new planet while wearing the metal-covered GM-110.

Product Line-Up

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The GA-110 series features digital-analog combination models in big cases. Offered in a range of color variations expanded since the release of the GA-110A/B/F in 2010, the series sets the all-time record for most units shipped of any G-SHOCK watch, as announced in 2019. Following the GM-5600 and GM-6900, two digital models with metal bezels, the new GM-110 will be the first digital-analog combination model featuring a metal bezel.

The new GM-110 takes its inspiration from the GA-110 series, with a forged metal bezel. After a shaping process involving many repeated forging processes, followed by cutting and polishing steps, each piece is carefully finished to achieve the complex form of its metal bezel. This gives the model a rugged impression and feeling of toughness. The GM-110 features a silver-colored bezel, and the GM-110G features a gold-colored bezel. These models boast a look of pure coolness that showcase the metals’ original textures. The GM-110B features a chic black base tone accented by a multi-color dial in hues including blue, purple and green. The GM-110RB features a bezel treated with rainbow ion-plating, with vivid reds and blues coloring the dial, band and other parts. Their colorful look gives these watches a real sense of presence. The resin band is formed with a lattice design that evokes the image of a machined metal plate to complement the metal bezel.

To ensure visibility, GM-110 includes the Super Illuminator feature. In addition, hour and minute hands are treated with luminescent paint, and indices feature an accentuated contrast. The GM-110, delivering advancements in materials and functionality alike, sets a new standard for digital-analog combination watches.