In celebration of Blue Note Records 80th Anniversary, G-SHOCK will be collaborating with Blue Note to come up
with the Bluetooth Connected G-STEEL featuring a sleek black with blue accents.

The new collaboration model GST-B100BNR will bring audiences from Blue Note and G-SHOCK together giving
something they love, no matter they are a Jazz Aficionado or Hip-Hop Lover.

History of Blue Note Records

Blue Note Records was established as a jazz label in New York in 1939 when German immigrant founder Alfred Lion recorded boogie-woogie pianists Albert Ammons and Meade Lux Lewis. Since then Blue Note Records has encompassed various types of jazz, maintaining a position as the most revered and historical jazz label in the world. It has recorded a wide range of well-known musicians and was a major innovator in both music and design.

Charles Lloyd

"The world is more about building bridges, not building walls."

Kendrick Scott

"You really can't imagine rhythm without movement."


"There are things that are going to last and those things that are trendy."

Line Up


GST-B100 Design & Technology

Rotary Disc
A rotary disc inspired by jet engine blade mounted at the 9 o’ clock position. Battery Level and remaining time on the timer will be indicated by a red marker would be visible when the disc rotate.

Layered Guard Structure
The watch boasts a double-layered bezel which combines a metal and resin layer. Six front screws locked it firmly to the forged stainless -steel case, giving a tough finish to the powerful exterior.

Tough Solar
Tough Solar function converts sunlight or fluorescent lighting to produce ample power to assure stable operation of multiple functions.

Mobile Link
The watch connects to a smartphone using Bluetooth® to keep time accurate and simple operation such as world time changing and setting of alarms through the App.

Special Features of GST-B100BNR

Back Plate Engraving
The case back is designed in the image of a vinyl record, with the Blue Note Records logo etched in the center.

A special packaging incorporated with a metal plate inscribed with the G-SHOCK and Blue Note Records logos, highlighting a special model that lives up to this collaboration.
Retailing at $669 at all G-SHOCK boutiques (except IMM). Limited to 80 pieces.