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G-SHOCK Taps Into Fitness Domain With The Release of Specialised Fitness Watches

G-SHOCK gives fitness watches a run for their money with the release of their latest innovation of GBD-H1000, a watch equipped with a heart-rate monitor coupled with GPS Functionality for those avid outdoor fans.


Design & Technology

GBD-H1000 Five-Sensor Functions

Five-Sensor Functions

In addition to an optical sensor that measures heart rate at the wrist–a first for the G-SHOCK line-up–the other sensors on the watch measure acceleration (step counter), magnetic direction (compass), pressure (altimeter/barometer), and temperature (thermometer).
GBD-H1000 Optical Sensor (Heart Rate Monitor)

Optical Sensor (Heart Rate Monitor)

Optical sensors on the back of the watch flash LED light, detect the blood flow under the skin, and measures heart rate.
GBD-H1000 GPS Functionality

GPS Functionality

Acquires data of current location from GPS satellite, measures distance travelled, speed, pace, and other data. In addition to GPS, the watch acquires data from GLONASS and MIHCIBIKI (QZSS) satellite systems.
GBD-H1000 Shock Resistant Structire and 20-Bar Water Resistance

Shock Resistant Structire and 20-Bar Water Resistance

Delivers shock resistant and 20-bar water resistance even with a built-in optical sensor that measures heart rate at the wrist.
GBD-H1000 Case and Button Design

Case and Button Design

Large measurement buttons and two-coloured buttons with slip-resistant design enhance operability. The curved surface of the fine resin back cover reduces interference with the back of the hand.
GBD-H1000 Soft Urethane Band

Soft Urethane Band

The soft urethane band improves fit. More band holes in the band improve ventilation, and with the band holes closer to each other, fine fitting adjustments are easier.
GBD-H1000 MIP LCD (Memory in pixel LCD)

MIP LCD (Memory in pixel LCD)

Displays various detailed measurement data in high contrast for easy viewing. Data displayed when training can be customised for ease of use.
GBD-H1000 Solar-Assisted Charging

Solar-Assisted Charging

Time mode (includes step count measurement and notifications functions) can be powered with solar charging alone.* The watch also offers USB charging which can charge even more quickly. After about 2.5 hours of charging, training features can be used continuously for up to 14 hours.
*When charged about eight hours every day under indoor fluorescent lighting (500 lux), and charged at window side on a sunny day for two hours in a week (10,000 lux).
GBD-H1000 Super Illuminator (High-Brightness LED Light

Soft Urethane Band

The Super Illuminator function lights up the LCD with high-intensity light, to ensure readability in the dark. It lights automatically when the wrist is tilted, and is useful for checking data during exercise.


GBD-H1000 Heart Rate Monitor

Heart Rate Monitor/Heart Rate Zone Display

Displays the current heart rate, as well as a heart rate zone that shows exercise intensity at five stages, and is useful for pace management during activities and endurance training.
Heart Rate Zone Alert
Notifies with sound or vibration when heart rate deviates from the target zone, making it possible to train with an exercise intensity that is suited to the purpose.
GBD-H1000 Heart Rate Zone Alert
GBD-H1000 VO2max Measurement

VO2max Measurement

Uses heart rate and running speed to calculate the maximum consumable oxygen uptake per kilogram of bodyweight in one minute (ml/kg/min). This can be used as a benchmark for cardiorespiratory ability when the user is trying to build endurance for running or other sports.
Training Analysis Algorithm
Uses an algorithm from Firstbeat Technologies, which has a reputation for advanced fitness data analytics. Helps to maximise training effect with highly accurate data analytics.
Firstbeat Technologies

Smartphone App

Smartphone connectivity enables functions from log recording to plan creation, making training management simpler and more convenient.

GBD-H1000 Training Plan Creation

Training Plan Creation

easily prepare training plans for goals such as full marathon entry and fitness improvement. Set target heart rate zone, training time, and running distance from the menu display. You can send heart rate zone to the watch for use as an indicator for training.
GBD-H1000 Easy Management of Training Analysis Data

Easy Management of Training Analysis Data

Data analysed by the watch is clearly displayed and managed in the app. Detect changes in fitness level and training status and use them for training results and future strategy.
GBD-H1000 Training History

Training History

Displays list of measurement data for each activity. In addition to running distance, time, pace, and calories burned, also displays map of logging travel.

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