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Latest G-SQUAD GBD-100 with improved features

A new G-SQUAD GBD-100 that delivers step count, calorie, and interval time measurement. For the first time, offers high-accuracy distance measurement with the built-in accelerator and smartphone connectivity.

Product Line-Up

Design & Technology

G-SQUAD GBD-100 Distance Measurement Function

Distance Measurement Function

Measures distance with a built-in accelerator. Provides even more accurate* distance measurement by linking with the GPS functionality of a smartphone and regular automatic distance adjustments based on location data. Supports auto-lap measurement in addition to running distance, time, pace and calorie display.
*Compared to the conventional Casio model that measures distance using only an accelerator. This function depends on the accuracy of smartphone GPS.
G-SQUAD GBD-100 Case Design

Case Design

Large measurement buttons and side buttons with slip-resistant shapes provides easy operability.