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G-SHOCK x Sam Lo “We are Singapore” National Day Collaboration


In celebration of Singapore's 54th year of independence, G-SHOCK has launched the Limited Edition G-SHOCK x Sam Lo "We are Singapore" National Day Collaboration. Sam Lo (aka SKL0/ your friendly neighbourhood Sticker Lady) is a Singapore-based visual artist whose work revolves around social commentaries fuelled by daily observations of her surroundings and research into the socio-political climate.

This commemorative GX-56BB design features a custom designed band in a spectrum of vivid colours, inspired by Singapore’s melting pot of culture. Highlighting modern day cultural elements with traditional values integrated into locally inspired patterns, the design is a commentary on how our culture is constantly evolving.

We speak to Sam on our exclusive collaboration.

You have worked with numerous brands on collaborations, what were your first thoughts on this project given that G-SHOCK has also always been rooted in the Arts?

First of all, G-SHOCK is a brand that has been ever-present in my life even while I was just growing up. It was very first watch I wanted (and eventually owned) because of its design, its toughness.

Learning more about the brand’s involvement in the arts and culture we are surrounded by today, my appreciation only grew. So when the opportunity for this collaboration came up, I jumped at the chance. It’s an incredible honour to share my work for and in support of this brand that many others I admire and respect have been on for ages.

What are some of the inspirations behind this design?

The design is inspired by our shared culture and values as citizens of Singapore, through our first world nation's progress in the pursuit of excellence and advancement.

With the rapid progress in today’s context, looking back to get a sense of our cultural identity, it’s easy to overlook that we are in fact still building it today. To define culture, we look into the values of the city and its people. And so, this commemorative design examines current values we possess in this new chapter, highlighting modern day cultural elements, marrying the familiar with the traditional on a watch designed to be as resilient as the people who march onward and continue to make this city what it is.

Lastly, what is your birthday wish for Singapore? 

Among many things, I wish for better inclusivity, and for more communities and generations to be empowered in pursuing their own excellence.

The exclusive “We are Singapore” National Day Collaboration GX-56BB-DRSG54 is priced at S$299 and will be available at all G-SHOCK boutiques (except IMM outlet) from 27 July onwards.