G-LIDE SUMMER 2019 | G-SHOCK Watches Singapore


Introducing the Summer Version models for 2019 G-SHOCK G-LIDE lineup of watches for extreme sports. These collections are one of the favourite choices among the world’s top extreme sport’s athletes.
The watch features a monthly moon age data and tide graph.

Safe Shark Series





New Safe Shark Series based on GWX-5700 and GLX-6900.

The black-white GLX-6900SS-1 and yellow-purple GLX-6900SS-9 featured a unique stripes pattern resembling a sea snake. These stripes are known to protect the wearers against shark attacks and are often visible in wetsuits. Graphic of a red snake in the ‘G’ position is visible when the EL backlight is lit.

The classic white-blue GWX-5700SSN-7 and black-white GWX-5700SSN-1 also have a contrast two-tone colour schemes without any stripes imprinted on the bands.

Vintage Hawaiian Series

The faded black (GLX-5600VH-1) and red (GLX-5600VH-4) base colours of the new G-LIDE has a vintage-style design on the face decorated with a silhouette of a surfboard. The design and colours add attractive accents to the wrist on the beach and in town.

This model comes with a matching pair from BABY-G G-LIDE Series.

Available at all G-SHOCK Boutiques (except IMM) and online now!