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The FROGMAN gets an upgrade with Composite Band

Gear up for diving with the latest FROGMAN model, the first in the series to introduce a composite band and an added extension mechanism on the buckle that allows it to be easily worn over a wet suit while diving. During normal wear, the mechanism can be folded up for a normal-length band.

Based on the analog face FROGMAN, GWF-A1000, the center segments of the GWF-A1000C's band are made with fine resin, and the band of the GWF-A1000XC is made using carbon-reinforced resin, making the bands both strong and lightweight. The stainless steel bezel of GWF-A1000C sports a blue ion-plated (IP) finish and a yellow second hand for improved visibility. The laminated carbon bezel of the GWF-A1000XC has a single orange layer for a distinctive look. This ties in with orange dial accents that unify the overall design scheme.


G-SHOCK Frogman GWF-A1000C-1A
G-SHOCK Frogman GWF-A1000XC-1A

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