Featuring Rainbow Ion Plating on the Bezel and Case

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The new Blue Phoenix-inspired beauty features our newest Dual Core Guard structure which comprises Carbon and Metal to achieve high strength, airtightness, and weight reduction. The metal frame is applied with rainbow IP with a blue base tone expressing a worldview of mystical flair.


G-SHOCK MTG-B200PH Rainbow IP Tech

Rainbow IP Tech

The bezel and case are applied with a Rainbow IP on a blue base tone to achieve a mystical colouration in which innumerable hues are seen intertwined. This mystical colour scheme presents an expression of the Blue Phoenix of mythical lore. The subtle colour variations make every watch unique with each shining a radiance on its own.
G-SHOCK MTG-B200PH Unique Multicolour Dial

Unique Multicolour Dial

The dial employs accents in a multicolour design like pink and orange using a special technique known as vapour deposition and coating. It expresses a design motif inspired by the Blue Phoenix, a bird of Eastern mythology said to bear auspicious tidings.

G-SHOCK MTG-B200PH Navy Blue Translucent Band

Navy Blue Translucent Band

Made of a soft urethane band, it features a gentle feel that offers a high-quality fit to the wrist. The translucent navy-blue resin gives the band a colour tone that integrates well with the main body. It also comes with a double slide lever structure making it easy to attach and remove.
G-SHOCK MTG-B200PH Distinguished Finish

Distinguished Finish

Bring out the lustre of metal, the sallaz polishing creates mirror surfaces with high degrees of smoothness in metal components’ bevelled surfaces. Meticulously detailed finishes are also applied, including hairline processes and, for the crown, machining.


G-SHOCK MTG-B200PH Independent Polygonal Bezel

Independent Polygonal Bezel

The bezel features an independent construction separate from the case allowing angle of gradations to be varied to render lengthwise and crosswise colour variations. Our pursuit of beauty in colouration for this watch extends even to the sides, for an expanded range of colour expression that still retains the solid feel of metal.
G-SHOCK MTG-B200 Dual Core Guard Structure

Dual Core Guard Structure

A monocoque case made from carbon fibre-reinforced resin is inside a metal frame that joins the bezel and outer case, for a strong, well-sealed, lightweight construction.

Solar-Powered Radio Control Module with Bluetooth® for Fast and Precise Time Display

Solar-Powered Radio Control Module with Bluetooth® for Fast and Precise Time Display

Dual coil motors rapidly adjust the hour, minute, and world time hands, when correcting the time or switching modes. Bluetooth connectivity enables automatic time correction based on standard radio waves, eliminating the need to adjust the time when travelling internationally.
G-SHOCK MTG-B2000 Sapphire Crystal

Sapphire Crystal

Face made from scratch-resistant and clear sapphire glass with a non-reflective coating on inside for viewing clarity.

Casio Spring 2021 Collection