Fresh Feels from our latest drops this August | G-SHOCK Watches Singapore

Fresh Feels from our latest drops this August

New takes this August with our heavy-duty inspired GA-900, G-STEEL with Carbon Core Guard Structure and many more. Get ready to check out these models in-store soon.

1. Project 900 - GA-900

- Drops on 28 August -

Presenting Project 900, a series of watches that are engineered and inspired by the tough look of industrial tools. This new line-up of heavy-duty models are great for wear in both tough environments and as a street fashion wrist accessory. This collection is the quintessential marriage of G-SHOCK’s tough heritage with their ability to constantly create and inject freshness into their watches.


- Coming Soon -

GST-B300 is the first G-STEEL watch with a front button, which adopts a new Carbon Core Guard structure that delivers superior shock resistance by leveraging the lightness and outstanding rigidity of carbon fiber.

3. Gravitymaster - GR-B200

- Coming Soon -

Forgoes the solar power of the previous GR-B100, GR-B200 introduces a new Carbon Core Guard Structure, Quad Sensor with step tracker and Carbon Fibre Bezel. The overall watch design has a distinctive new look inspired by helicopter controls.

4. G-8900GB

- Coming Soon -

An unusual release in 2020, the base model G-8900 hasn’t been releasing new colorways in recent years since it first release in 2011. The watch adopted the usual rugged and practical design with a popular color combination – Black and Gold.

5. Lightning Yellow Series

- Coming Soon -

Lightning inspired timepieces feature vibrant yellow color on the bezel and strap along with the unique lightning pattern on the face and EL backlight. In addition, the words “ABSOLUTE TOUGHNESS” is also imprinted on the band showing the concept of G-SHOCK constantly meeting new challenges.