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The All New Metal Bezel GM-6900 Series

This February, G-SHOCK announces the release of new additions to the G-SHOCK family. Three new GM-6900 models featuring metal bezels. The 6900 series, which has been nicknamed “Triple Graph,” is characterized by three round indicators.

The Iconic DW-6900-1V
A new iteration of the iconic DW-6900-1V, released in February 1995 which is one of the top 3 best selling models of all times. The DW-6900 series has been extremely popular, especially in street fashion as the base model for collaborations with big names such as Eminem (2013) and Maharishi (2014). It has become synonymous with hip hop culture and fashion.

The two models with black bands provide a choice of silver or gold bezels, while the red translucent band model features a black bezel. Shiny mirror and matte hairline finishes are combined in a bold bezel shape that stylishly accents the wearers’ clothes unique fashion sense.

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GM-6900 Metal Bezel
Forged and Moulded Metal Bezel

The three new GM-6900 models enshrine the hallmarks of G-SHOCK’s toughness and metal bezel. The 6900 bezel bears the iconic shape of the original DW-6900 but this time, the new GM-6900 has upped the toughness ante with button guards. After a shaping process that undergoes approximately 20 forging stages, from cutting to polishing. Each piece minutely crafted from a complex, highly uneven moulding to a back surface shape that can affect its precision fit into the inner case, with the surface polished to a beautiful mirror and hairline finish.

GM-6900 Anatomy
Metal-Covered Shock-Resistant Structure
Minute Protrusions on the outside of the inner case reduce surface contact with the metal bezel. This reflects the design philosophy for the hollow case structure, which protects the module using point contacts and cushion exteriors blows.
GM-6900 minute protrusions
Minute Protrusions of GM-6900

GM-6900 Front Metal ButtonFront Metal Button
The 6900's iconic front button, having surpassed its merely functional role in controlling the backlight, gets a metallic makeover. It is grounded in guards and in shape and angle that is easy to press.
GM-6900 Triple Graph DialsMirrored Triple Graph Dials
The Triple Graph dials coordinate exquisitely with the LCD and faceplate, whose mirror finish complements the metal exterior for complete design harmony.