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The Commemoration of the 25th Anniversary of 6900 Series

A perfect circle that has the greatest surface area given the same circumference putting together the necessary elements of shock-resistant construction.

Product Line-Up

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In 2020, we will be celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the 6900 series, by releasing two special DW-6900SP models made from a translucent material which features a colourful design inspired by the number ‘25’. The low-key translucent resin is used for the case and band, while the face features colour gradation that changes depending on the angle of the light. The screens of each of the three indicators from left to right are blue, green and pink resulting in a colourful look befitting these commemorative models. The special light display features a monogram background to commemorate the 25th anniversary.

Legacy of DW-6900

Round Case

All form lines are designed in concentric circles from the inner bezel to the outer ring, and even the button guards protect from either side. The conical bevel of bezel keeps the profile from looking too bulky and reduces interference with the wrist.

Triple Graph

Three circular graphics work in tandem to enrich the LCD face, adding features like a stopwatch and a seconds display for the kind of ingenious face design only a digital watch could have.


Layering the dial on top of the LCD provides design possibilities an all-LCD face cannot offer. Decorative touches like coating, printing, and surface finish allow for a rich variety of models.

Front Button

Designed and developed to control the backlight, its sense if stability lifts it out of a merely functional role and cements it as an icon of strength on the G-SHOCK’s exterior. It grounded in precise design, balancing the button guards and in shape and angle that is easy to press.