2020 Spring & Summer Watch Collection | G-SHOCK Watches Singapore

2020 Spring & Summer Watch Collection

Introducing G-SHOCK Spring & Summer 2020 new collection of watches designed based on the CMF* Design concept. Back in November 2019, CMF Design is one of the main factor that brought about the Metal Camouflage Series, MTG-B1000DCM and GMW-B5000TCM watches.
*CMF stands for “Colour”, “Material” and “Finish”

The pursuit of colour, material development and finishing touches has brought our product to a high degree of perfection and led this evolution into a new realm. In each of the new releases, it will encompass a unique colours to pursuing a functional beauty through the cutting-edge processing technology and finally artisanal finishes through Japanese technology to deliver enhanced quality looks and style for all our watches.


Taking inspiration from a KABUTO (helmet) specially created for the MR-G series, the MRG-B2000SH evokes the noble spirit and aesthetic sensibility of a samurai commander. Representing the helmet’s maedate (crest), each bezel features the image of a dragon hand carved by a metalsmith highly skilled in the technique of chasing. The case and band, cast with specially-produced metal die, simulate the rugged look of rusted steel, with finishes of brown and blue aged IP for a time-worn appearance.

- Evoking Volcanic Lightning -

A special limited-edition in the MT-G, “Metal-Twisted G-SHOCK”.
A kaleidoscopic range of hues are created using an array of colour application techniques— multicolour IP applied to the metal bezel and parts, a colour separation effect on the inset dial ring and index composing the dial, and a red translucent band. Expressed here is the breath-taking beauty and power of a rare atmospheric phenomenon known as volcanic lightning. Featuring a new CMF design, the model integrates the textural feel of hard metal with an inventive colour scheme.

- Full Metal Construction GMW with Grid Design -

The GMW-B5000 has the iconic square design and shock resistance of the original G-SHOCK (DW-5000C), but with a metal exterior achieved with cutting-edge technology. The model features a laser-etched grid design that expresses its legacy of genuine strength, transcendent of time.

- ISO 200-meter Diving Water Resistance Watch -

A carbon monocoque case with high strength and low absorbency has been employed to deliver the first FROGMAN featuring an analogue display. It has exceptional shock resistance and water resistance that enables the watch to stand up to the rigorous demands of undersea divers.

- Featuring the Iconic Front Button -

GST-B300 is the first G-STEEL watch with a front button, which adopts a new Carbon Core Guard structure that delivers superior shock resistance by leveraging the lightness and outstanding rigidity of carbon fiber.

- Shock Resistant and Heart Rate Monitor -

Delivers shock resistance and 20-bar water resistance even packed with a built-in optical sensor that measures heart rate at the wrist. Five-sensor functions work with the GPS functionality to monitor workouts in real time, connecting with the dedicated app to support training assessments, analyses, and planning.

- G-SHOCK with a woman’s touch -

This series achieves a more compact design without sacrificing any of the quintessential G-SHOCK performance, such as its shock-resistant construction or 20-bar water resistance. The app connection also assists with workouts. From running and workouts at the gym to athleisure, this versatile series is ideal for active lifestyles.

- With the strength and functionality surfers need -

The G-LIDE GBX-100 features a digital display and forged stainless steel bezel. Memory-in-pixel (MIP) LCD offers high-resolution display of tide graphs and moon data, while smartphone connectivity provides multifunction capability with ease of use. Equipped with the strength and functionality surfing demands.