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Why The G-Shock GMW Black Aged IP Is Such A Hit


Revolution discovers how the G-Shock has transformed and innovated itself to constantly garner a new audience while making no compromises to its watchmaking roots.

As featured on Revolution, July 10, 2019

by Sumit Nag

When Kikuo Ibe dreamt up his indestructible watch, it’s safe to assume that he had no idea — nor any intention — that the G-Shock would be considered a pop icon some 36 years on. How then, did the G-Shock mange to transform from a utilitarian object to one of personal style?

The story as it is told is that for the first 15 years of its life, G-Shocks were only produced in black, to go along with it’s rough, tough, come-at-me-bro demeanor. Then a gentleman in the brand’s marketing division, at a given opportunity, proposed to the big bosses at Casio that more of an effort must be made to reach out to a wider audience; make the G-shock relevant to more than just the individuals who needed a watch that could out survive the perils of their working conditions.

A Colorful Future

So in 1997, as part of a project initiated by Shigenori Itoh (better known as Mr G-Shock), the world was given its first non-black G-Shock, in mustard and then in a clear resin, which many today refer to as the skeleton G-Shock. The next step the G-Shock would take is one towards the fairer sex, because for as long as it had existed until then, the watch had always been a macho piece of wrist gear.

Casio GMW Aged IP GMW-B5000V (Image © Revolution)

Conquering New Spaces

Beyond the pioneering execution in having the watch become more visible to a crowd far removed from itself, what the Stussy and Bathing Ape collaborations ultimately did for the G-Shock is that these inked the G-Shock’s name into the history books of streetwear, forever.

Casio GMW Aged IP GMW-B5000V (Image © Revolution)

Recently some of the bigger, global names that have collaborated with Casio to produce their own G-Shock, has been the likes of the Wu-Tang Clan and even, Eminem.

Firmly Rooted

But let’s not for a second think that in their effort to reach out, that the G-Shock has neglected its core watchnut-base. Watches such as the G-Shock Full Metal 5000 collection was, first and foremost, a runaway hit with watch collectors from all walks of life.

Casio GMW Aged IP GMW-B5000V (Image © Revolution)

Now, Casio’s taken its savvy know-how — of what’s cool and what isn’t — from having collaborated with a multitude of street style entities and its watchmaking prowess, to produce the G-Shock GMW-B5000V Black Aged IP.

With the Black Aged IP, Casio has perfectly demonstrated an awareness of the appeal that G-Shock has among the watch crowd and the larger pop culture scene. It is this insight into itself that has kept the G-Shock relevant three decades on. And it’s this very same self-awareness that’s sure to continue to expand the G-Shock’s influence and provide the world with ever more stylish and innovative watches.

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