25 years ago, G-Shock blew our minds with the best watch ever. Now it’s back. | G-SHOCK Watches Singapore

25 years ago, G-Shock blew our minds with the best watch ever. Now it’s back.

As featured on Mothership, March 23, 2020
By Sulaiman Daud

The future is here

25 years ago, the world was a different place.

It was 1995. Bill Clinton was the U.S. President, Goh Chok Tong was our Prime Minister, and we led simpler lives.

One watch was the must-have item for a kid in Singapore, the iconic G-Shock DW-6900-1V.


Any kid who was lucky enough to have generous parents to buy the watch instantly became the epitome of cool in their school.

Now 25 years on, Casio is releasing three new G-Shock watches that emulate the design of the old classic, but upgrading it for 2020.

Each watch features the groundbreaking bezel design, but fashioned out of metal.

The shaping process involves 20 forging stages and several cutting and polishing steps, combining to form a polished finish.

GM-6900G-9 Structure

Choose your fighter

There are three different designs available.

The first two, with black bands, give you a choice of either smooth silver or glinting gold.


In addition to the solid metal design, a glass fiber resin case also lends your G-Shock watch additional strength and toughness.

It combines the classic bezel shape with button guards, to ensure that your watch can resist whatever life throws at it.


But for something slightly more unique, the red-band watch with the black metal bezel design adds that extra exclamation to augment your own personal sense of fashion.

A guy wearing G-SHOCK GM-6900B-4

These watches are available for sale online at these prices:

GM-6900 (Silver): S$269
GM-6900B (Red): S$299
GM-6900G (Gold): S$309

Buy one and fulfil a dream of the 1995 version of yourself.

Part of the Future Legends campaign, the GM-6900 is made for the new generation of hip hop and high-street fashion lovers.

It is made for people who grew up with the original DW-6900 and are ready to embrace a change.

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This G-Shock new release made this writer spend most of his paycheque on new watches.

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