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Will This Japanese Fortune Cat Watch From G-Shock Bring You Good Luck?

We so need to have better luck this year, and the new Manekineko Japanese Lucky Charm timepieces are too cute.

As featured on 8 Days, February 06, 2020
By Celine Tan

If fortune cats can beckon good business into shops and establishments, maybe wearing one on your wrist can ward off bad luck and bring forth the huat for you too. With all the bad news so far this year, we all need an extra dose of luck and happy vibes. Casio G-SHOCK's latest is the adorable Manekineko Japanese Lucky Charm limited edition series, which is three watches that bear motifs of the fortune cat. Here's a closer look.

GA-100TMN-1ADR, $209

For this tough-looking timepiece, the devil is in the details. The Japanese fortune cat cuteness comes in the form of a bold pink "G-SHOCK" emblazoned across the top of the watch, as well as a teeny gold cat head motif on the hand of the subdial. Subtly cute, yet all rough and tough business.

DW-5600TMN-7DR, $159

The more kawaii model, the DW-5600TMN in pink and white, has cutesy motifs such as a fortune cat that emerges when the backlight is activated, huat oval gold coins on the dial and a cat head cut-out on the watch belt loop (this motif is on all three models in this series).

DW-5600TMN-1DR, $159

This black model features a hint of pink on a mostly black background and comes with the fortune cat backlight as well.

G-SHOCK Maneki-neko details
Details, details, details

The fortune cat that appears when you activate the backlight on the DW-5600TMN-1DR and DW-5600TMN-7DR models (left), and the gold cat head motif on the hand of the subdial on the GA-100TMN model (right).

G-SHOCK Maneki-neko packaging
Exclusive packaging designed by BlackEyePatch (on all three models)

The G-SHOCK Manekineko Japanese Lucky Charm series includes the DW-5600TMN-1DR ($159), DW-5600TMN-7DR ($159) and GA-100TMN-1ADR ($209). This series will be launched exclusively online on 15 February.

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