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Interview with MISCHIEF directors Jieun Seo and Jiyoon Jung

“Deadly Combination” with G-SHOCK.

Mischief joined hands with Casio as the first domestic womenswear brand. The model that was created through the partnership between the two brands is GMA-S140MC-1A. It is also the first watch for women. On March 20, before the official launch of the collaborative clock, we met with Mischief's two representatives and heard about how Mischief made a canvas for not BABY-G, but a design that felt rough yet firm and flexible at the same time. Celebrating their 10th anniversary, Mischief answered some questions about their first G-SHOCK collaboration watch, brand identity, and plans for the next 10 years.

MISCHIEF directors, Jieun Seo and Jiyoon Jung

How was the collaboration process?

We spoke with Casio about the design ideas and we had meetings at our office in Korea and theirs. Casio was very considerate to our designs and allowed us to reveal our identity as much as possible. This made it very easy for us to collaborate.

Looking at the collaborative watch, it has a very strong 1990s feeling. Describe the design and product.

The collaborative watch is G-SHOCK GMA-S140MC-1A. It's a new model for the female line in the existing GMA-S140 series. The key point is the translucent material of light khaki and faded black used in the head and band. It's an important design aspect that shows off the vintage and tough charm we wanted to give off during the initiative phase. Also, compared to other high-tech watches, the rough and classic design is the biggest attraction. It's durable to shock, water, and is durable. The print on the brand reads, 'Deadly Combination' and is derived from the title of Big L and Tupac's song from the 2000 album, The Big Picture.

In the 1990s, the BABY-G model was very popular among women. I'm sure you remember that popularity, did you have that in mind as a collaborative model?

Of course, at first we thought of the BABY-G series that brought back many memories from our childhood. However, Casio recommended a new model. We turned our attention to the fact that the success of a first collaboration of a new model was an interesting challenge. We also liked the roughness of the design of the G-SHOCK GMA-S140MC-1A, which accentuates Mischief's strong identity.

How was the process of coordinating the design?

We proposed a variety of designs and we exchanged view with the Casio team and narrowed it down. I think the results came out great because most of the suggestions made by Mischief were well reflected.
Lifestyle shots of G-SHOCK x MISCHIEF, GMA-S140MC

The results of the two brands joining hands will be released on March 20. How do you think Mischief fans will react to the product?

It is a product that matches well with items that Mischief has shown before, so those who like Mischief will have a positive feedback. In fact, when we leaked the product through Instagram, we received a lot of hot responses.

How do you want people to enjoy this watch?

Actually, neither one of us really wear watches but the only watch we've ever worn is the BABY-G product of our childhood. Back then, rather than wearing it to read the time, we wore it to be stylish. In this day and age, the need for a wrist watch has decreased and there are many smart watches with more diverse functions, but we think there will be many people who want to enjoy the unique and iconic look of a G-SHOCK watch.

This collaboration product seems to be a design that is surprisingly easy for people of all different styles to wear in their own way. We hope the weather will get warmer soon so we can wear a t-shirt and the watch.

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Mischief has been very diligent in working on big and small collaborations. What are some factors or criteria that you consider when choosing a partner?

It's based on whether we really want to do something simple or not. We want to work with brands and people that we think would be a great partner. We rarely consider other things. Of course there are times when our schedule does not fit and we cannot go forward. Timing is important.

What brand of person would you like to work with in the future?

It's great to work with people that would seem like a good fit with us but we would also like to try new things and work with someone unexpected. Maybe in the future it can be a luxury brand or partnering with artists who do classical music.

Customers' high loyalty, the unique womenswear brand based on streetwear and subculture, and the non-constrained design are some of the characteristics that explain Mischief. What do you think is the value of Mischief?

Doing what you want to do. You can think of this brand and job as simply making and selling clothes, but we'd like to be proud to be a little grander in supporting and promoting the culture we love. Using fashion as a means to share and suggest ideas about what we think of as "cool" and "cool people" is a way to show our own values, different from others.

Since it's a brand that started in Korea, I'd like to know what Mischief thinks about Korean women.

It is true that traditional Korean women have the impression of being passive and suppressed in general because of the influence of traditional cultures based on Confucian ideas. Compared to Western cultures, it's quite similar. But these days, Korean women are rapidly changing, and they seem to know how to express their strong and wise qualities. Mischief wants to be a brand that can represent strong and cool women.

Is that why women who love Mischief seem to feel a kind of "liberation" through the brand, regardless of the silhouette or the length of the clothes. Why do you think you gained so much support and popularity?

They seem to like Mischief's natural being. Not being conscious of other's perception, wearing what you want, not pursuing the impression you need in society and just making yourself what you want to be. It sounds trite, but it's definitely not easy. I hope the people who like and wear Mischief continue to enjoy making themselves look cool for themselves.

From 2010, 10 years have passed since the brand was launched. What are you planning to do for the next 10 years?

If we've been able to do something fun until now, we think the next 10 years will be a time for us to do something more meaningful. We plan to try to become a brand that can make a bigger voice.

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