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Gorillaz Team Up With G-SHOCK For the Second Time

As featured on HighSnobiety, September 30, 2019
by Brock Cardiner in Design

Gorillaz follow up their 2018 G-SHOCK collaboration with another, this time around reworking two G-SHOCK styles, the DW-5600 and GA-2000. Designed by Gorillaz co-creator Jamie Hewlett, the designs take inspiration from two acclaimed Gorillaz album, The Now Now and the self-titled Gorillaz.

The DW-5600, riffing off the artwork of the Gorillaz’ most recent album The Now Now, features a popping color combination of blue and pink. In another reference to the record, the bi-color message “NOW” floats onto the display whenever it is illuminated by the backlight. The DW-5600 comes equipped with Bluetooth capability which can be synced with G-SHOCK’s proprietary app, allowing access to certain features and functions directly on your smartphone.

The GA-2000, meanwhile, is the latest watch to be launched by G-SHOCK and in honor of Gorillaz’ 2001 eponymous debut release features the iconic camo print familiar to Gorillaz fans worldwide. This watch comes complete with two wrist bands – one featuring the camo print and the other a darker military style – which can easily be swapped out. The collector’s edition box also features 2001-era design incarnations of the Gorillaz characters.

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