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Introducing the G-Shock Full Titanium GMW-B5000TB

As featured on Revolution, September 19, 2019
by Revolution

Casio pushes the envelope further with their Full Metal 5000 series with the all-titanium GMW-B5000TB.

Since its 2018 launch, Casio has moved fast to ride the wave of the unprecedented success of the Full Metal 5000. From the all steel to the gold IP, an all-black version, the $70,000 Limited Edition in 18k Yellow Gold, to the most recent Aged IP — Casio’s done a phenomenal job keeping interests going.

This time, however, Casio may have outdone themselves. Because with the Full Titanium GMW-B5000TB you have a case and metal band that is completely in titanium. Further to this, unlike the steel versions, the GMW-B5000TB even has its pushers and caseback in full titanium. But it doesn’t end there.

The black colour on the GMW-B5000TB is no longer an IP treatment. Casio’s gone with a full-on Diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating for this one. The glass on the front of the time module is a sapphire piece, as opposed to a mineral crystal.

All in all, with that much titanium used and the DLC coating the GMW-B5000TB is said to weigh no more than an approximate 110g. Which is at least 57 grams lighter than its steel predecessors.

Two questions remain: 1) exactly what grade of titanium did Casio use, and 2) how much and when will the watch be available to buy! (okay that’s more like three questions).


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