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The Best Casio G-Shock Watches That A (Rugged) Man Can Buy In 2020

As featured on Esquire, February 11, 2020
By Johnny Davis

Casio celebrated its 100 millionth shipment of G-Shocks a couple of years ago.

It's a brand beloved by both the SAS and hypebeasts – fans include soldiers, firefighters and astronauts; collaborators include Stüssy, Levi’s and A Bathing Ape. The “unbreakable” original with its “triple 10 patent” – a housing of ten protective layers designed to survive a 10-foot fall, be water resistant to 10 bar (100 meters) and have a 10-year battery life – now comes in dozens of versions with all sorts of modern trickery: Bluetooth, solar power and smartphone connectivity, to name three. It has continued to push the boundaries of material science with its premium MR-G line, using titanium and Japan-developed cobalt base alloys.

On February 14 G-SHOCK releases three new watches in its GM-6900 “Triple Graph” series, featuring the addition of a stainless steel bezel and high-quality finishes.

“We’re always looking to give customers the wow factor,” founder and father of the G-SHOCK Kikuo Ibe told Esquire’s watch annual The Big Watch Book recently. “To keep toughness while challenging new technologies. The expected level of fun in G-SHOCK’s design is getting higher and higher, so we are trying to achieve that expectation.”

To mark the unveiling of the new watches, and celebrate the only design icon to earn a Guinness World Record for having a 24.97 ton truck driven over it, here are the seven best G-SHOCKs you can buy today.

1. GMW-B5000D-1
Based on the first ever G-Shock made more than three decades ago, the retro, rectangular stainless steel case belies all sorts of whizzy tricks, including Bluetooth, world time for 300 cities and smartphone connectivity.

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2. GM-6900B-4
One of three new models to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the release of the DW6900 in 1995, this sits between high-end and street style, featuring bold colourways and metal-covered bezels.

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3. GA-2000-2A
Notable features include a carbon fibre-reinforced case, guard-less buttons, a front light button, a double case back structure and multi-colour resin bands. The Carbon Core Guard gives the GA-2000-2A a very light weight, at just 64 grams.

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4. G-7900-2
This 2010 model is resistant to very low temperatures, and comes with moon and tide graphs for sailing enthusiasts. We like the pops of yellow, too.

5. GW-9400-1B
The chunky, solar black-out "Rangeman" features a black face on a black resin band. Triple sensors can keep track of altitude, barometric pressure, temperature and direction readings, all available at your fingertips.

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6. MRG-G2000R-1A
From the G-Shock premium line, the solar-charging, GPS-enabled Bluetooth model softens its cutting edge chops with its strap, the surface of which features a traditional Japanese bishamon kikko pattern.

7. GA-400SK-1A4
A throwback to the decade that launched it, this model from G-Shock's Super Clear Skeleton Series combines a smoky grey case with a fluoro pink dial. The watch face illuminates automatically when you tilt your wrist upwards.

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