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Music and fashion creatives unite as Casio’s latest G-Shock tips a hat to Future Legends of Singapore

As featured on Esquire, March 30, 2020
By Celine Yap

It’s just under a minute long but the message is clear: Future legends are made, not born. A hat-tip to all the people of tomorrow, people who, today, are still husting through their daily grind. Produced by a talented collective of Singaporean creatives with world-class beatboxer Dharni Ng leading the charge, Made, Not Born is the anthem dedicated to anyone who dares to dream big.

Unquestionably so. Check out the lyrics: “Blood shed and tears wrapped around my soul. And I won’t stop till I am on top, it is an onslaught cos Legends never die. Future legends are we.”

And what are the legends of tomorrow but the budding talents of today? Only in his 30s, Dharni Ng already achieved legendary status in Singapore’s hip-hop music scene. For the Casio G-Shock Future Legends campaign, he teamed up with local rappers Axel Brizzy and Tengyboy, along with DJ Farah Farz—all of them incredibly talented musicians in their respective fields.

Also featured in the video are some of the most aspiring names in the hip-hop dance scene. If you’re deep into street culture, you might have heard of these guys: Kyung.2k, LionCityLuqman, and Fazzywazzyy.

Street Savvy

Indeed, the Casio G-Shock has always been entrenched in hip-hop and street culture. Of course, global collaborations with the likes of Eminem and Undefeated goes a long way in cementing its street cred.

But you can’t talk street cred without nailing your fashion game.

That is why the Casio G-Shock also roped in some of the best and brightest names from the Singapore fashion world. Their job? To create street-worthy looks for all the musicians, dancers, and other influencers. Seasoned fashion director Furqan Saini holds the (enviable?) task of mentoring young stylists such as Hanya Seah, Nicole Wong, Gandeep Singh, Tira Lee, and Kelly Hsu.

Which brings us to the key element that brought all these amazing individuals together: The new Casio G-Shock GM-6900.

Tough Love

Because 2020 marks the 25th anniversary of this legendary 6900 model, Casio has released a new variation offering an all new metal bezel in a very hip-hop colourway of black, silver or gold. Its overall design remains loyal to the original model, DW-6900.

To realise the bezel in that exact shape wasn’t easy. Approximately 20 forging stages and several cutting and polishing steps went into the component to ensure it was tough enough to be called a G-Shock.

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Beyond any doubt, the G-Shock’s reputation precedes itself, with many nicknames gained over the years. The 6900 series, in particular, was known as the "Triple Graph" because of the three round indicators above the time display. Blessed with a classic shape and timeless design, it is popular among watch lovers and trendsetters, and an icon in its own right.

With this in mind, Casio opened the Future Legends campaign to students of Lasalle College of the Arts. Budding designers were invited to interpret the look of the 6900 series in the future, while working with three keywords: toughness, future legends, and metal. This is truly an amazing opportunity for any local designer, as the top five winners will be given an actual G-Shock DW-6900 featuring their design.

Apart from public votes, entries will be judged by local artists and friends of G-Shock Tiffany Tan, Chen Yi Xi, Toby Tan, and Sam Lo.

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