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CROWN's Review on G-STEEL Leather Series

Everything to know about Casio's retro-inspired G-Shock G-Steel 'Street Vintage' in a minute!


Credits to Crown Watch Blog for the review on our G-STEEL Leather Series.

New addition to the series of mid-sized G-STEEL watches comes the street vintage style GST-S300GL & GST-S330L in G-SHOCK tough leather bands. Stitched around a resin core, the bands provide protection against impact and abrasion, all while being fashionably elegant. A new layer guard structure helps to keep the G-STEEL case compact, while retaining powerful features such as Tough Solar, World Time and a multitude of time-keeping functions. Digitally switch between your home city and world time easily, with the dual digital-analog display interface.

For a sleek look, opt for the GST-S300GL with a matte black bezel with contrasting gold accents. And for a more relaxed style, the GST-S300L with a tanned leather strap and silver case fits perfectly.

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