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Casio G-Shock's ‘Future Legends’ Campaign Pays It Forward

Grooming Singapore’s next-gen hip-hop and street style purveyors.

As featured on Crown, March 11, 2020
By Alvin Wong


The iconic Casio G-SHOCK DW-6900, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year with some seriously choice commemorative models (the metal-cased GM-6900), wouldn’t have been what it is today without its groundbreaking forebears. And taking a leaf from how the first G-SHOCKs blazed new trails in the category of ultra-robust timekeepers, Casio is embarking on the ‘Future Legends’ campaign, which connects current and new talents in music and fashion, while paying homage to 1990s street culture that provided the backdrop to the birth of the G-SHOCK DW-6900 (below).

First DW-6900

For those who are unfamiliar with the G-Shock DW-6900, the collection boasts rather illustrious street cred, favoured by the likes of Pharrell and Fabolous. The collection is also known for its string of high profile collaboration designs such as the one with Lifted Research Group (LRG), an American streetwear label, in 2009, and Maharishi, a London-based streetwear marque, in 2014, amongst others.

DW-6900LRG and GD-X6900MH-1
G-SHOCK LRG (2009) DW-6900LRG-2 (left), and Maharishi (2014) GD-X6900MH-1

The ‘Future Legends’ campaign features two components. The music component has beat-boxing champ Dharni Ng mentoring aspiring rappers Axel Brizzy and Tengyboy; break dancers Kwak Kyung Hoon, Luqman B Asad and Muhammad Fazil; and DJ Farah Farz.

Future Legends Farah Farz
DJ Farah Farz

You can see the results for yourself below, with the short music video they have produced for the campaign.

The second ‘Future Legends’ campaign component deals with fashion and, like the music component, features a renowned mentor working with aspiring talents. Highly rated fashion director Furqan Saini takes the lead for this, guiding young stylists such as Hanya Seah, Nicole Wong, Gandeep Singh, Tira Lee and Kelly Hsu as they create street-style outfits for musicians, hip hop dancers and media personalities.

Future Legends Hanya Seah
Hanya Seah

The looks will be featured on the ‘Future Legends’ microsite where you can cast your vote for the favourite look. The winning entry stands a chance to win a G-Shock GM-6900!

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