The GAME CHANGER | G-SHOCK Watches Singapore



We all have our moments. Moments where we ask ourselves if we were ever going to make it in the face of constant rejection and consternation. The battles we face, the uphill struggles that no one can fathom, and in it all, we rise above these to overcome the odds that are stacked against us. We are all game changers in our own right, despite the grind of life, or the binds we’re in.

Featuring Mr Kikuo Ibe, Dharni Ng, Jahan Loh, Christopher James van Huizen and Valerie Wang.

Paying patrimony to game changers far and wide, G-SHOCK Singapore has created a “GAME CHANGER” campaign to celebrate 27 local heroes who have fought adversities to make a name for themselves in their own fields.

Share your game-changing moments with us here.