GAME CHANGER: Jahan Loh | G-SHOCK Watches Singapore


“I am a GAME CHANGER because I break traditions.”


Why is pop art your medium of artistic expression?
I believe that art is for the masses and it should be made accessible to everyone.

Why does street art continue to inspire you?
I’ve been painting illegally on the streets since the early 90s. This early part of my art career has had a great impact on my practice even though I have moved away from that medium. To be able to express oneself artistically on a wall or building is a spirit of freedom, and that way of taking charge of my own art remains a foundation for my art practice till today.

How did you discover G-SHOCK?
The 6900 is the watch that got my attention. Back then, my classmates and I tested the durability of the watches by abusing them – we threw them off the third floor but the 6900 remained unharmed.

Let’s talk about your latest collaboration with G-SHOCK, the Celestial Guardian series. Was it challenging expressing your art onto something as small as a watch?
I hand painted the artworks before converting them into digital files to be applied onto the watches. I feel that when I work big, more details can be captured and applied onto the watches.

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