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Dare to Defy: Special Interview with Tasmin Fong

Tasmin Fong, does art direction and fashion photography. She is known to have an eye for detail in the photography scene in Singapore. Her works are featured in a number of brands social media platform. 

Tasmin Fong

Where do you get your style inspiration?

The top on my list would be platforms like Instagram, WGSN and Impressions. Styling is a part of my job. ln the age of rapidly changing fashion trends, I have to keep up with the latest looks by sieving through looks after looks daily. However, I don't get inspired by every style. I would make use of the features within apps by bookmarking trends, looks and outfits that inspire me and this help me to keep a backlog of images that I can retrieve anytime when feeling dry.

“Style is an extension of self. It is a form of self-expression” Do you agree with it? Why?

Yes, I totally agree with it. Style is an extension of self and it is a form of self-expression. These two sentences are in dialogue with one another at all times. The wearer and the dress get intertwined. Through the lens of styling yourself and presenting to others, it reveals some tidbits of information. Style insinuates, style is character and style is forever.

Describe your style in 5 words.

My friends use these statements to describe my style “elevated classics”, “effortless athleisure” and “minimal home girl”. I love the idea of contradicting my looks with pairing two ends of the fashion spectrum. Other than my go-to-style, investing in made-to-treasure pieces and curating a wardrobe for it to last a long time is essential in the current over-consumption society. This is why I chose the black strap and silver bezel GM-S5600 - a classic colour that will be a timepiece to keep.
Tasmin Fong

* Tasmin is wearing GM-S5600-1DR.

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