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Dare to Defy: Special Interview with Kimberly Chan

Kimberly Chan, an ex-national athlete in Singapore Diving with a background in Economics and Communications. Kim now does design and marketing for local nail wraps brand, Nodspark.

Kimberly Chan

Describe your perfect day off.

My perfect off-day consists of lots of sunshine - suntanning, afternoon naps, and watching television with a cup of bubble tea in my hand.

What do you do to keep in shape?

I try to work out consistently (it takes a lot of discipline!!) and to not snack too much. My family loves snacking so we just try to make sure the output outweighs the input and it’s always more fun to workout with a buddy! My workouts include classes at F45, BalletBody and those on ClassPass.

* Kimberly is wearing GM-S5600G-7DR.

Are your looks well-planned or do you dress according to whatever suits your mood?

I usually go with what I’m comfortable with! I wouldn’t wear something that looks nice but doesn’t allow me to move freely or is restrictive. I’d rather go for comfort, then to make it look presentable/stylish if I need to - as long as you’re confident with what you wear, that’s all that matters.
Kimberly Chan

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