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Dare to Defy: Special Interview with Cheryl Lim

Cheryl is an avid gamer who has been gaming for a very long time. Other than being a gamer, she is also the digital content manager for Female Esports League, an online platform for female gamers to connect through competitive gaming.⁠

Cheryl Lim

What are some of your main passions, and why are they important to you?

My passions include fashion, gaming and football. The combination of these three made me who I am today! I think being a gamer who is into fashion gives me my unique personality. It also debunks the old stereotype that all gamers are just nerds in the basement. Not a lot of people know about my history in football. I used to play competitive football for 6 years and it taught me a lot about teamwork, resilience and sportsmanship, which helps me now when I game competitively.

How did you get into the gaming industry?

I’ve always enjoyed gaming but I only showed my fashion side on my Instagram page. When the esports industry started picking up, I thought it'll be good to share my gamer side as well. I started sharing clips on Instagram where I streamed myself gaming... And it paid off! I got my first esports job 2 years ago as a social media manager for a tournament organizer. I’ve stayed close to the gaming scene ever since.

Are your looks well-planned or do you dress according to whatever suits your mood?

My looks are always very well-planned. I dress for the occasion! Most of the time I overdress but I don’t really care what people think. Plus it is worth it when the pictures turn out amazing and it’s so fun to dress up! No look is complete without accessorizing. Here is my latest look, I threw on the GM-5600 to pull the whole concept together.
Cheryl Lim

* Cheryl is wearing GM-S5600PG-1DR.

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