Dare to Defy: Special Interview with Cherie Chan | G-SHOCK Watches Singapore

Dare to Defy: Special Interview with Cherie Chan

Cherie Chan is a fashion stylist and model. She’s also an avid G-SHOCK fan who regularly pairs her outfits with our watches.

Find out more about Cherie through the short interview we had with her.

Cherie Zeng

Describe a typical day being an influencer. What would your ideal day be like?

My ‘ideal’ day would be waking up early in the morning (really early), heading to set, having local breakfast with the production crew and start on my shoot. It can easily take up the entire day, and in between breaks I will spend some time editing some of my contents for Instagram/TikTok (it’s very therapeutic). To end off the day, I will reward myself with a pint of ice-cold booze and catchup with friends! During my off-days, I like to go for a nice brunch with my friends and use that chance to shoot more content for my outfits and stuff, or it can even be just staying at home doing my silly TikTok videos, haha.

* Cherie is wearing GM-S5600PG-4DR.

Your must-have items in your wardrobe?

A good pair of baggy jeans, it’s casual yet stylish. I love being in long pants because I get to stretch my legs without feeling restricted or uncomfortable! As much as I would love being in shorts and a t-shirt, but with jeans, the outfit pairings are endless!

How would you style a couple of your favourite outfit with the GM-S5600?

This timepiece is so versatile, I am able to dress up & down with it. It will go well with just a sweater to run errands, or a cute maxi dress and sneakers to glam it up. Definitely, a timeless piece to pair with any outfits!
Cherie Zeng

Find out more information about the GM-S5600 here.