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Dare to Defy: Special Interview with Aggy Low

Agnes Low, more widely known as Aggylow on the blogosphere. She's a fashion and beauty blogger in Singapore. Other than that, she's also a singer that frequently sings on Live Streaming apps/Acoustic pubs and on YouTube.

Aggy Low

What or who were your early passions and influences?

I really like JJ Lin and GEM, I feel they are very talented and trendy - in terms of their dress sense as well as their style of music.

Can you tell me about some of the most memorable moments during your career in the music industry?

Having the chance to be on YES 933 was quite a milestone, and having people recognise my voice when they hear me sing. Grateful and thankful to have known the industry people as well as to be given a lot of opportunities to shine. My covers on Spotify are quite well received and I’m currently working on an original song so I’m quite excited.

Where does your style inspiration come from?

My style is inspired by the media and inspirations from the music scene. Before the pandemic, I was constantly performing, thus the need for me to have various looks. I’m not afraid to try new styles, I wear anything and everything that I like. As for the new G-SHOCK watch, GM-S5600, it is a very fashionable and versatile piece to wear and I can see myself matching it with various outfits for my performances. It can also be a great addition to my day to day appointments and gigs.
Aggy Low

* Aggy is wearing GM-S5600PG-1DR.

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