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GAME CHANGER: Christopher van Huizen

“I am a GAME CHANGER because I have made it to where I am today despite all the challenges facing me. I want to be able to inspire the next generation of footballers to have a similar mindset.”


How did your passion for football come about?
I became interested in the sport after watching a lot of football matches on TV. My father also played a part in getting me interested in the sport.

It is often said that no great success was ever achieved without failure.
Can you share a low point in your career?
Once, after a couple of bad matches. I was benched by my coach. Many people told me to just give up and that I wasn’t really going anywhere, but I knew I wasn’t going to stop there. Instead, I worked extra hard and pushed myself as I believed in myself. I was pleased with the way I bounced back from that low point it also showed everyone that I could do it.

What is your favourite G-SHOCK line and why?
At the moment, I like both the Black Mirror and Illuminate The Origin series. I like dark coloured and slim watches.

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